You’re Not Stuck Unless You Think You’re Stuck

you're not stuck

After running into some trouble recently with a group of people I’m part of regarding actions we should take I grew upset and thought I was stuck in the situation. The following notion hit me pretty quickly: You’re not stuck unless you think you’re stuck. Many people think they can’t escape their problems but you can, I can too. The path may be long and it may be different but there is always a way out.

You’re Not Stuck Because You Have Control Over Yourself

I can’t control other people nor would I want to. However, I know I can control myself and that includes how I deal with and react to different situations. I can let a bad interaction sour my mood or I can choose to see the sliver lining and move on.

When it came to the trouble with the group of people I was happy to see their true nature. Thus, I knew what to expect in the future and how to prepare for those meetings. No longer will nasty surprises pop out and put me on the defensive.

Finding yourself stuck in a situation? Find your sliver lining. It may come quickly to you or you may have to sit down and think about it. Whenever it dawns on you now you have the knowledge on how to control yourself before the situation pops up again, and how to handle it it.

You’re Not Stuck Because You Can Still Make Choices

You’re not stuck in any problem because you still have the ability to make choices. You can decide to drop everything and focus solely on improving things, or just walking away.

As for me, I know I have several choices available to me and that pretty calming. Although I don’t mind providing my energy and expertise to this group, I know that that I can leave at any time. That if I don’t feel the others appreciate me, or are hostile to me again, I can resign. Or I could choose to speak to the head of the group regarding my issues.

In the end you need to take a moment and figure out what your choices are. Write them down if you need to. I’m a big believer in writing down thoughts on paper.

Finally, don’t tell you have none because that’s not true. There’s always an available decision but it may be difficult or time-consuming or require great sacrifice.


When faced with a problem it’s easy to give up, especially if the issue is quite large. You can’t do that because you’re not a quitter. Change your mindset. Listen to inspirational material if you need to. Because you’re not stuck unless you think you’re stuck.

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Naomi P Lane
4 months ago

This is true but easy to forget when we are faced with a stressful situation. I had a prolonged conflict at work with a colleague that took every ounce of my strength to deal with. I made the decision to lean on the good people around me and to ask for help / support. Sometimes asking for help is the best decision you can make.