I spend a good amount of time on the Internet doing research and I come across websites owned by major companies to sole individuals. I usually discover one or two that do not employ SSL certificates for their entire website daily. Many only secure their sign-in pages and/or their cart/checkout page. Although that is fine, you need a SSL certificate for your entire website. If you don’t install one it can hurt your search results and site’s reputation.

What Is An SSL Certificate?

A SSL Certificate is a Secure Socket Layer Certificate. This encrypt traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. Also, this certificate protects information, especially sensitive material (like credit card numbers or protected health data) from bad actors, like hackers.

This certificate protects your website from these bad actors through Public-key cryptography. Think of this protection as your house address. This is public information and anyone can come to your house. Thus, your public key. However, there is a lock on your door which keeps those individuals from entering your house. Only you can enter your house with the proper key. Hence, your private key.

So when you buy a certificate to secure your website, you have to create a public and private key. When you transmit data, one part of the transmission is encrypted with the public key, and the other part is decrypted with the private key.

This only a quick overview. If you would like to learn more about SSL certificates please view this website here.

Why You Need A SSL Certificate For Your Entire Website

The main reason why you need a SSL certificate for your entire website because it affects your site’s SEO rankings. Google takes web security seriously and gives websites with better security higher rankings in their searches over non-secured websites. Neil Patel did an extensive write-up on his website showing the data proving Google favors websites employing entire website security. Thus, if any search engine doesn’t think your site is fully secure they won’t recommend them to visitors. This can cost you money and keep the public from learning about your product or service.

Also, having a SSL certificate installed for your entire website puts your visitors’ minds at ease. If someone visits your website and sees the homepage isn’t secure, and they can see that from the browser bar easily, then that visitor may be less likely to order your product or service. I know I am.

SSL Certificates Are Inexpensive And Provide Good ROI

You can get SSL certificates for free or you can buy them for a fair price. I buy my SSL certificates from Namecheap and I recommend them to the people I know.

Even if you have a buy an expensive one they provide a good return on investment. The certificates I get through Sectigo provide warranties. Meaning if the company fails to properly validate my certificate during the course of business, and that leads to loss or money or business, then I can submit a warranty claim for compensation. Namecheap explains more in their article.

Finally, when a visitor sees your website is secure, it makes them feel good, and can lead to them spending money on your goods and/or services.

This article originally appeared on my personal website: bcgates.com

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