Writing With Pen & Paper

writing with pen & paper

My main method of creating my short stories, novellas and novels right now is writing with pen & paper. Although many writers prefer writing in Word or Google Docs, that doesn’t work too well for me. Let me explain.

Writing With Pen & Paper: My Setup

I write my work in wire-bound notebooks because they are very inexpensive to buy, are available year-round, and are easy to tote around. Plus, I can write on both sides of the page, and I can flip through to see what I wrote before easily.

When it comes to the types of notebooks when writing with pen & paper, I’m not picky. I usually go to Wal-Mart and buy some from the office supplies section. However, pens I’m very picky about.

After trying various types of pens, I buy only uni-ball VISION black pens. I prefer these pens because they fit my hand pretty well and the flow of the ink is so smooth, allowing me to write for long periods of time. Because of the build quality, these pens are pretty expensive. Yet, I’m willing to pay good money to make my writing easier and more productive.

Writing With Pen & Paper: Why I Chose This Method

I discovered sitting down (or standing up) before a blank document on my computer did not help my flow when it came time to write. I’m not alone because other writers I follow on Twitter report this issue too.

If you can write in a Word document without issue, great! Keep doing that because some can. Yet, I get too hung up on making sure my formatting is correct, or punctuation instead of developing the plot or characters. Finally, staring at emptiness doesn’t help my thought process.

Hence, I tried writing with pen & paper and found I loved it! I loved how my thoughts flowed onto the paper. Writing a sentence out allowed me to see if that is what I wanted to say. If not, then I would scratch it out and write another. Finally, I could write notes on a side if got an idea, or I could turn a few pages and write out a scene I got inspiration for.

Transforming My Written Text Into Digital

I try to type up my hand-writing into my word software everyday so I have a copy of it. Because one of the biggest disadvantages of writing with pen & paper is paper can be destroyed easily. I could tear the paper, or slip liquid onto it.

Now, when it comes to editing my stories, I do that in the software instead of printing out the paper. I don’t have a problem editing on my computer, and find it’s much faster and easier to do so.

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