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working from home

I already wrote about my experience as an essential worker. Today, I cover my experience working from home. Currently, I work a week onsite in the office, and then a week from home. In short, I love it!

Why I Love Working From Home

First, I don’t have to deal with a commute. I wake up, do my morning duties, and then power on my laptop to get to work. Having to deal with rush hour traffic can put me in a bad mood at times. Plus, having a long commute can ruin some of my work productivity.

Speaking of productivity, I perform much better working home home. Mostly because I have less distractions and I’m in a comfortable environment. While some people believe working from home will tempt them to browse the Internet or watch videos, but my main distraction is my coworkers. Now that I’m home, I don’t have that problem!. Finally, I get to sit on my comfortable furniture instead of office furniture.

Third, I don’t spend time goofing off. Sometimes at work I would browse the Internet because I didn’t want to work on a task. Or I would go to the office, get a drink, and lounge around. While working at home, I eat and drink only when needed. And I spend way less time browsing online.

Will I Continue Working From Home?

If you do not know, I work at a data center. That job requires me to be onsite to do my work. Yes, I can do some of my work functions from home, like working tickets and writing / updating work documentation, but not many of my tasks. I believe once the major shelter-in-place orders are lifted, and employees can go back to work at their job sites, I will not work from home anymore.

This makes me sad because I really enjoy this option, but it also prompts me to think how can I work from home full-time.

My Plans For Working From Home Permanently

I’ve been thinking for the past few weeks what job can I do that allows me working from home permanently.

There are remote jobs in the Technology field, which I currently work in. I could get a System Administrator or a Software Developer job. Regarding those skills, I do have some of them but I need to improve them.

I also want to write full-time, although that will not bring in much money at first. However, I’m currently saving up to do just that. I believe that’s about two years away, however.

Finally, I could create another business that allows me to work from home. I could combine my technical and writing skills into a business. I thought about that and I’m still thinking about what skills I would market. Or I could start a different business all together. I’ve thought about getting my own land and running a small farm.


Working from home is awesome, and I wish more people could do it. However, I know there are some people who would hate it because they couldn’t separate their work life from their home life.

The pandemic shows that many jobs can be done from home, and companies will have to allow the option now. At least that’s a positive we can take away from this ordeal.

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