Working From Home Schedule For The Self-Employed

working from home schedule

This article is for all my self-employed brethren: Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and contractors. You need a working from home schedule to stay on-track with your projects and to maintain your productivity. I implemented a schedule for myself after testing various types and I’m passing that information along to you.

Why A Working From Home Schedule Is Important

Let’s face it: Working from home, although nice, has too many distractions unlike a work office environment.

First, our home is comfortable which can lead us to relax instead of work. While using the TV as background noise is fine, one can find himself/herself caught up in an interesting show and stop working. Or a person could decide to work while lounging on the couch and accidentally take a nap.

Second, there’s always something to do in our homes that’s not work-related. Walking through your house you may see a pile of clothes to be washed or dishes in the sink. Now your mind tells you to complete that instead of working on client’s project.

Finally, you may have to work around other people living in your household which is distracting. If you’re a parent, your child or children may be attending school virtually or you could have a baby who needs care and supervision. Or you could be caring for a sick or elderly family member.

So if you want to keep productive and complete your daily tasks so you can make money, you need to develop a schedule.

Here’s How I Made My Working From Home Schedule

Here’s my approach to my working from home schedule: I wrote it out using pen and paper, creating blocks of time of when I would work on certain tasks. I divided my schedule between morning, afternoon, and night. Because of my energy levels, I knew I could get a bulk of my work completed in the morning and afternoon so I placed most of my tasks there. Although I do work at night, I stop around 10 pm so I can settle down for bed.

After I created those sections, I made blocks of time to complete each tasks. This is especially important if you perform work that is on-going because you would keep working and working and time gets away from you. This could be checking email, updating social media accounts, or writing code.

I have a few duties under my belt at the moment but the task I can lose myself easily in is writing. Thus, if I don’t give myself hard time limits I can spend hours writing (and I have). Then I find myself with little time to finish my other duties. Hence, I have to postpone them or stay up late to complete them.

Finally, I give myself various break times throughout the day. This way I force myself to get up and take a walk outside, to exercise, and to eat and drink. Because if I don’t, I will stay before my desk typing away on my computer. If you find this hard to implement, set an alarm for each break. Then set a timer for a specific amount of time for that break.

Don’t Fret If You Find Difficulty Creating A Schedule

Creating a working from home schedule takes time and a bunch of testing. Thankfully, you realize quickly what does and doesn’t work so you can revamp your schedule. However, during this time it’s too easy to fret or stress about your failure.

You can’t fall into this mindset because it only improves the chances of you giving up to adhere to any type of schedule. Instead, keep modifying it to fit your life. Finally, you won’t have just one schedule you will adhere to. Life will get in the way, you will have doctor appointments, your children will have school events, and you will have a client who will need emergency assistance. So plan accordingly!

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Naomi P Lane
2 months ago

Working from home has been one of the biggest changes to come out of this pandemic. My neighbours just had a baby and they are both able to be at home with him, which is ideal. You’re right that scheduling is key to getting anything done. Otherwise you might just sleep in and miss important business hours when calls and emails can actually get a timely response. It’s a brave new world!