Where I Write

where I write

I thought it would be nice to show everyone where I write.

Where Do I Write?

I write in my bedroom. That’s where my computer desk/standing desk is setup.

In the past, I had everything setup in the living room in my apartment, but later I moved all my computer equipment and desk into my bedroom. This works better for me because during Winter I heat my bedroom. Yes, I heat my apartment but I keep the thermostat on 68 degrees.

Picture Time!

where I write
I have a computer desk/standing desk setup. This is when the standing desk is lowered.
where I write
I have a computer desk/standing desk setup. This is when the standing desk is raised.
A close-up of the computer desk shelving.
A close-up of the computer desk which the standing desk sits upon.
The items I keep on the desktop.
Another shot of the items I keep on the desktop.

More Details About Where I Write

I bought the computer desk (the wooden table) from Wal-Mart about a few months ago. My old computer desk was falling apartment after having it for 5 years. It was that cheap particle-board stuff. Overall, I’m very happy with the desk. For $35 bucks, it works well and wasn’t hard to put together.

The standing desk portion I bought from Amazon. I wanted a standing desk converter because I would get tired from sitting all the time. It rises and lowers pretty easily, and there was very little to assemble when I got it. The only thing I dislike about the desk now is the price! When I bought it in November, I paid about $95. Now the desk is $75!

As for my computer, it’s a refurbished Dell Optiplex 7010 I also bought from Amazon in November. My old refurbished Dell Optiplex 780 stuttered too much watching video because the CPU was quite old. So I spent about $190 on my “new” computer. I currently run a dual-boot setup on it: Windows 10 and Fedora Linux 31. I primarily use Linux as my main operating system, however.

Finally, on the desktop you can see I have dual monitors. It helps writing books and just overall computer usage. I have my journal ready when I need to write down some ideas or take notes. My cell phone usually stays on the desktop, along with two Super Mario toys I got from McDonald’s years ago. I keep a flash drive nearby just in case I need it. Finally, you see my wireless mouse and keyboard set. It’s a basic one you can by from Logitech for about $20.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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