I want to help you determine when to buy your domain name. This is an issue many people, from the causal blogger to the hardened businessman, run into constantly. Should you wait to buy it after you registered your business? Or should you go ahead and buy it even if you don’t know if you are going to use it? Here’s what I do and it works out pretty well for me.

When To Buy Your Domain Name: When The Idea Of It Hits You

If you are sitting around one day, or standing in line somewhere, or have a dream and the idea of a particular domain name hits you then you need to buy it. Only because these ideas usually don’t come around again.

That’s what I did with the domain name for another website I used to run (but now I redirect to this website).When I had the epiphany to register brittbot.com I went over to Namecheap and bought it immediately. Did I have any plans for it at the time? Nope. I just knew one day I would use it and I wanted to have access to it when the time came.

When To Buy Your Domain Name: If You Are Working Toward Opening A Business

If you are working toward opening a business then you need to buy your domain name ahead of time. I bought the domain name for my upcoming ecommerce store, letsallmeat.com, way before I even thought of opening the business. Actually, I just got an email stating the renewal charge for that domain is coming up in month.

Yes, there’s the possibility you could change your business name after you bought the domain name which is why I suggest to register your domain name for a year. Non-premium domain names, including .com, aren’t that expensive. Most will run you from $10 to maybe $50 max, depending on the registrar and the Top Level Domain (TLD) chosen. So if you happen to not use that domain in favor of another one then you’re not out that much money.

Also Buy One During A Sale

If your favorite domain registrar is having a sell then that’s a perfect time when to buy your domain name. That why you save even more money and you get the domain name you’re after.

This article originally appeared on my personal website: bcgates.com

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