We’re All Going To Die. So What Are You Going To Do Now?

we're all going to die

I recently wrote about the recent death of one of my family members. This got me thinking: We’re all going to die so what am I going to do now? Will I continue to waste more time on foolish activities, or will I finally take action on goals and aspirations?

We’re All Going To Die: How I’m Using That Revelation To Push Myself Forward

Many people don’t want to think about death. Some think it’s morbid while others think the topic is depressing. Yet, we’re all going to die and there’s no way around it. Instead of being afraid of that notion use it to push yourself to live a full life.

I’m using this revelation to make myself attain the goals and aspirations I wrote down long ago. I have done well with many of those goals, like restarting my writing career and creating a new business, but I I still want to accomplish more. So I push myself everyday to enjoy life and take steps to live the life I want instead of just exisiting.

Maybe you are just existing right now and you need a push to get you started. Let this article be that push! Get up off the couch or your computer chair and get a pen and piece of paper and write down your goals. Create a plan for your life. Use your brain to develop a vision for yourself. This is what I did.

From there, do your research. I went online and read blog posts and watched YouTube videos about how to start an Ecommerce business and run advertisements. The knowledge to just about anything is out there for you to find. You just need to search for it.

Do Not Fear Death But Fear Inaction

Although I choose not to fear anything because that will cause me to not live a full life, everyone should fear inaction. Indecision will cause and does cause people not to do anything with their lives because they fear making the wrong decision. You can’t live like that.

I’ll fill you in on a secret: You are going to make the wrong decision. You will make a mistake. That mistake will cost you money or time or both. However, be grateful for this because this means you took a chance in life. I know so many people right now who want a better life but will not make a decision on how to improve their lives. They fear making the wrong choice. The fear risk. Because of this they continue to live an unfulfilling life.

In the end, death will come for those people just as it will come for me and will come for you. On our deathbed there will be people who will probably spend some of their last precious moments thinking about what they didn’t do in life. And that’s pretty sad.

If you don’t want that in your last moments then take the time right now to develop a plan for your life.

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Naomi Lane
8 months ago

I think about death all the time. Sometimes it makes me feel sad but mostly it motivates me to try and use my time well, as you say. I enjoyed this post Britrany!