Welcome To The New Blog!

welcome to the blog

Welcome to the new blog! If you visited my website in 2019, you can see it’s completely different now. Different WordPress theme, improved comment section, long-form (700+ words) blog posts, a new posting schedule, and new short stories to download. Let’s go through the new changes!

Welcome To The New Blog: New WordPress Theme

Welcome to the new blog Magbook theme! Although this theme is new to the website, the team behind it isn’t. Theme Freesia is a WordPress theme developer and makes free and non-free stylish themes. I used themes from this developer before, specifically Cocktail and Mocktail. When it came time for the website redesign, I looked to this team to see what else they offered.

I chose Magbook because it has a magazine vibe, and that’s a theme I want to portray with my content. I’m writing different various topics such as How-To articles, inspiration material and how one can improve their personal finance or health. So with this these, it showcases all that different material at once.

Welcome To The New Blog: New Comment System

Many WordPress users and developers know the native WordPress comment system is very basic. There’s no option to include social media login nor is there any spam protection. I didn’t want to use it any more with the new website redesign. What did I choose instead? Welcome to the blog wpDiscuz!

I chose this comment system because it offers many features for free that paid comment systems offer. And those non-free systems are very expensive! Now wpDiscuz offers an add-on bundle for $99 but right now I don’t think I need it.

New Posting Schedule

Welcome to the new blog new posting schedule! Yes, you read that correctly. You will see new posts three times a week on this website: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Not only that, but you get two new posts each of those days. The first at 10am EST and the second at 3pm EST!

While this posting schedule is set, I may upload new content or release a new post outside of the schedule. Especially is I have important news or announcements to discuss.

New Short Stories

I have new short stories you can view on the Ebook page. Each short story has its own page where you discover what the story is about, and my inspiration for writing it. Also on that page you will find links where you can download my short stories. You can download the epub version from my website or download various versions from Smashwords.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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