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I can help you find the right web hosting company and package for your website.

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What Is The Purpose Of Website Hosting?

The purpose of website hosting is to hold all the files that make up your site and serve it to the public. Without it, no one can visit your site.

You can find website hosting from various companies at different prices. The most popular plans are Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting. For more demanding websites you will need to purchase VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting.

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When Should I Purchase Website Hosting?

I suggest purchasing website hosting after you talk with me. That way I can make sure your website will have the best performance possible.

However, if you already purchased website hosting before discussing it with me that is usually not a problem. I can work with most types of hosting companies and/or packages.

Do You Offer Website Hosting?

At this time I do not offer website hosting. However, I can help you find the best one for your website.

The hosting company I use and suggest to my clients is Namecheap. The company not only provides reasonable plans, but has great customer support.

If you rather not use Namecheap and have a website hosting company you want to use but would like a second opinion of, I can help. I can review their hosting packages and their customer service options and tell you whether that company will work for your site or not.

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