Water Fasting: Not For Me

water fasting

For the several months I thought about going through water fasting. I knew the benefits one can receive during and after the fast, and I wanted to see if I could accomplish some type of water fasting. So on May 8 at 5:30pm EST, I started a 72 hour water fast. Turns out this is not for me.

Water Fasting: My Daily Thoughts

My plan was to do a 72-hour water fast, from May 8 5:30pm to May 11 5:30pm. I chose that time because I had my last meal at that time on Friday.

Friday Night

I felt fine in the evening and night because I’m used to not eating late. I drank very little water that night because I wasn’t thirsty.


Starting weight: 182.2 pounds.

I felt good when I got up that morning. I had my usual water with organic unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with the mother. Finally, I mixed in some pink Himalayan salt and a salt substitute (for potassium) into it. Next, I had a cup of cold-brew black coffee.

As for exercise, I decided against doing anything except light walking. While some people can exercise without issue while water fasting, I know if I work out I get hungry afterwards.

That morning I went to the grocery store to do some shopping. Seeing the food didn’t tempt me.

In the afternoon I sat in the sun for 30 minutes reading a book and later doing some writing. That felt great. Afterwards I drank some sparkling water. Still didn’t feel hungry after hitting the 24 hour mark.

I did feel tired around 7pm but I also work up early this morning. To cap off this day, I drank hot green tea while sitting on the couch watching YouTube.


Starting weight: 180.0 pounds,

Sunday started off well, as I had my usually morning beverages. However, I got full fast.

I spent the morning writing and then watching YouTube. Around 11am, I got real hungry. I drank some water but that didn’t help. As I hunger became persistent, I decided to go ahead and break my fast at 11:30am EST. Hence, I fasted for 42 hours.

Water Fasting: Why It’s Not For Me

Water fasting for 24 hours is no problem for me. I’ve done that quite a few times before. Yet, when I try to go beyond that, I fail. This past water fast is the longest I’ve gone without eating anything.

In the end, my body needs food after a certain amount of hours. And I’m not going to punish myself to push through with water fasting if I feel it will do my body harm. That’s why water fasting is not for me.

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