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Vacation Time: How To Use It To Make Money, Not Spend It

vacation time

At my day-job, I get paid vacation time / Paid Tim Off (PTO). And like many employees, I used it to go on vacation and spend money. In turn, I saved up money to spend it elsewhere. But this year, I want to use my vacation time to make money, not spend it. This is my plan.

Vacation Time: Using It To Build My Side Business

I used my PTO already this year to build my side business.

If you read my welcome post, I’m creating a side business around my writing talent. In turn, not only am I creating content for this website, but I’m writing short stories, novels, and guides to sell.

Although I write before and after my day-job, I get more done when I have a long stretch of uninterrupted hours. So on January 2 and 3, I used my PTO and spent those days writing, marketing myself, building a social media following, and making sure this website worked properly.

So instead of using those days off from working to travel around and spend money, I had a staycation and built my side business. And I thoroughly enjoyed it!

My Future Plans For My PTO

While I would love to travel around to some new cities in the U.S. this year with my generous amount of PTO, I won’t. Instead, I will take a week off every couple months to write.

Taking a whole week to write undisturbed helps me attain my goal of finishing at least one novel and publish it.

In addition, I’ll spend that time writing more content for this website.

A potential problem I can run into with this plan is getting to use my vacation time. My department is large enough to make getting time-off requests difficult. Especially around popular times of the year (like Independence Day or Christmas).

Finally, my workplace can run into a “busy season,” meaning I won’t be able to get an entire week off like I want. I may not be able to get any days off. That happened last year and it’s probably doing to happen again this year.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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