Traveling: I Have No Desire For It Anymore


I got into the habit of traveling a few years back. After paying off all my debt I traveled. I wanted to see other parts of America. I even had a big plan to eventually visit all 50 states. Yet, my plan hit a snag like all plans do. I stopped traveling and focused on other goals. Then the pandemic came. However, now that things are getting under control in America, I thought about traveling again. I soon discovered I have no desire for it anymore. Here’s why.

Here’s Why I Stopped Traveling

I stopped traveling way before the pandemic arrived on scene because I wanted to buy a house. That was my next goal after paying off all my debt. I knew to have enough money for a down-payment and other expenses I would have to budget my money. Thus, I cut vacations out.

All of 2019 I didn’t go anywhere on my own dime. Yes, I traveled for business but my employer paid for that. I decided to have fun locally or within my state because that was cheaper. And this worked! I satiated my desire for seeing new places by visiting parts of the city of my state I hadn’t been before.

By the time I bought my home in mid-2020 the pandemic was here I knew I couldn’t go anywhere. So I turned my interests to improving my house and working on my hobbies and business ventures. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting around my new house and fixing things and barbecuing my deck and sitting down to read in a quiet room. Thus, my desire for traveling faded.

Will I Travel In The Future?

Will I travel is a question I ask myself and I don’t know the answer to it yet. I get deals via email periodically. I see the low prices for airfare and that makes me think. Plus, I have miles so I wouldn’t spend any money (except for fees). In addition, hotel costs are still low so there are deals there too. While these costs are inexpensive I think about what else I could use that money on. I would like to upgrade my computer and I’m really into gardening at this time.

However, I think this is a phase. One day I will return to traveling. When? I have no idea.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

I admire your focus on a particular goal. Buying a house is a huge accomplishment and I completely understand how nesting in your own home becomes the priority after that. Travel is expensive!