To The Prepper Community

to the prepper community

An Open Letter To The Prepper Community

To the prepper community, I like y’all. You taught me how to prepare myself for different types of emergencies. How to create an long-term pantry. Different bread recipes. And how to make a go bag. Yet, lately, you’re getting on my nerves and I’m about to leave the community.

Why? Because I do believe some of y’all want the end of the world to really happen. That way you can use your huge stockpile of emergency goods. Or you can tell others “I told you so!” Well, maybe both.

This past week of gas shortages in the southern U.S. and food prices increasing and worries about inflation and the money supply made many of you to scream the sky is falling. You implored us all to go out and panic buy, be it gasoline or food or both. I shook my head and ended your videos early. I won’t listen to all that doom and gloom.

Finally, some of y’all are really deep in conspiracy theories. Now I love a good one but when you think every bad piece of news or government move (be it local, state, or federal) is part of the “Deep State” I got to step back. You can’t think that the entire government is out to get you and your family.

So I’m going to pull away for awhile. I still will continue to prepare for emergency but I’m going to live and enjoy my life. I’m not going to yearn for the world to end one nor buy more and more food and goods to store in my pantry. It’s time to build a new community that helps others prepare for the worst but not to get bogged down in negativity.

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Naomi Lane
29 days ago

I’m glad you are not buying into the conspiracy theorists’ doom and gloom vision of the world. You are far too sensible for that. I agree that a certain degree of emergency preparedness is a god thing, but let’s not get crazy about it.