When it comes to Web Hosting packages and plans you have many to choose from that range in various prices. The most expensive plans will be Dedicated Hosting (which I will discuss in a separate article in the future), while the most inexpensive packages are Managed Hosting. Yet, it’s this plan that gets a bad rap from some Web Developers or others in the industry. So should you shun it too? Nope. Today I give you the top three reasons to choose Managed Hosting.

Reason One Of Three Reasons To Choose Managed Hosting: It’s Affordable

As I said in the introduction paragraph: One of the three reasons to choose Managed Hosting is because it’s affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to deploy your website onto the Internet. I found packages from various hosting companies costing $1.99 a month to up to $15 a month. What influences the price differences is how many websites you can host on a plan, the amount of disk space you get, and how much traffic your site can get a month, to name a few.

Now, you don’t want to go too cheap because you get what you pay for. You want to buy a plan that includes some type of support and uses good technology to host your sites. The latter is more important because if a company is using old servers and networking equipment your site will perform poorly. And the only option you will have at that point is to find another company and then migrate your site. Yet, having access to good technical support is important too. Especially when something goes wrong on your site and you need assistance to get it fixed.

Finally, I suggest this hosting to beginners because if they don’t want to use it in the future then they didn’t spend much money on it.

Reason Two Of Three Reasons To Choose Managed Hosting: The Company Handles Server Maintenance

Another of the three reasons to choose Managed Hosting is because the hosting company handles all the server maintenance.

Just like your car or your house, the server running your website requires maintenance. That includes updates to the operating system, updates to any applications or plugins running the control panel or framework displaying your website, and even replacing parts. If you choose a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Dedicated Server you have to do all the server maintenance except physical repairs. And if you don’t know what you’re doing you can have a vulnerable server out there waiting to be hacked.

Honestly, most people don’t have the technical expertise to handle server maintenance, which is why I push them toward Managed Hosting packages. I have the technical know-how and it’s still time-consuming. First, I need to keep current with operating system and application updates. Installing those can go awry which can cause downtime and data loss. Then, I have to do most of my technical support before I reach out to the company’s support.

So if you don’t have the time or energy or knowledge to perform server maintenance please purchase Managed Hosting.

Final Reason: It’s Easy To Build And Deploy A Website

The final reason to choose Managed Hosting is because it’s easy to build and deploy a website. Many web hosting providers offer either a drag-and-drop website builder or WordPress. Both are easy for beginners to use and don’t require any Web Development or programming experience. Also, there’s plenty of how-to guides and video tutorials to help individuals build a website for different functions or specific industries.

Again, most people don’t have that expertise and I don’t expect them to learn it. These individuals want the simplest way to build and deploy a website so they can run a business or market their service to the public. Especially if a beginner isn’t paying a developer to build the site for him or her. That’s why I suggest Managed Hosting.

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