The Tedious Eight Hour Shift

the tedious eight hour shift | a bored woman at work

Oh, the tedious eight hour shift. I find myself trying to stay attentive to my work duties during my shift but finding it harder and harder to do so these days. I’m writing this article during my shift. And I can do this because I am a remote worker working tickets in a queue. So is that the reason I’m bored? Do I need in-person companionship to make my work days exciting? No. I quite like working alone. The reason for my boredom is quite simple: I don’t really want to work this job.

The Tedious Eight Hour Shift Comes From Dislike Of The Job

I’ve written about my love of entrepreneurship and why I want to work for myself. And I’ve written why I’m currently working a day-job. The tedious eight hour shift comes from me disliking my job.

Now, I don’t hate it because it’s not a toxic, soul-crushing job. I’ve worked those before and remember dreading to go into work each day. I dislike my current day-job because I’m helping customers with products they have no business owning. I do technical support at a web hosting company and run into too many customers who have no idea how to run or maintain their servers and their websites. And these customers pester us for help when they should read our Help Articles or ask their developer.

That’s the biggest problem I have with the job: Providing customer support. While I don’t mind helping customers, I rather only deal with the customer that actually cared. In short, if I could fire a particular troublesome customer or five I would and that would make my job easier.

Thus, having to deal with this for eight hours with only two 15 minutes breaks and one 30 minute lunch can be a bit much for me at the moment. Especially since I’m only working this job to qualify for a mortgage.

The Tedious Eight Hour Shift Comes From Not Needing The Job

The second reason for my boredom is that I don’t need my current day-job. I still have my businesses that bring in some income. If I could focus on them full-time I could make even more. Also, I still have money in savings that I used to live on last year, and from selling my house for a nice profit earlier this year. And since I’m a frugal person I could live quite a long time on my savings. Finally, I’m a single woman with no dependents. I don’t even have a pet. This allows me to stretch my money further.

Because of this I don’t worry about keeping my current day-job. I know I could get another remote technical support easily with my experience that would pay the same or even more than what I’m making now. Yet, I don’t abuse my fortunate position. I start work on time, actually work tickets, and pitch in where I can. If work is slow a particular day, like now when I’m writing this article, then I take extended breaks. Don’t worry: My work laptop is close by so I can keep a track of what’s going on in Slack and check my emails.

Will I Quite Shift Work?

I will quit my day-job after I buy my house, but I do want to get another job doing something interesting like Web Development or some type of programming. It’s a goal I’ve had for the past few years so I decided to go ahead and try for it now while my mind is on it.

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22 days ago

[…] to show. Plus, I want to work for myself and use my time wisely. Working my day-job showed me how tedious an eight-hour shift truly is. Because I won’t have my regular paycheck anymore I will have to live off of my savings until […]