The Realities Of Selling An Ebook

the realities of selling an ebook

For anyone interested in self-publishing, this article provides the realities of selling an ebook. I have self-published my pieces on and off for the past several years and I’m here to tell others the truth.

The Realities Of Selling An Ebook: Writing Is The Easy Part

Writers, before you come after me, I understand writing your book takes a great amount of time. I’m currently editing my novella and it took quite a bit of time for me to write the first draft. Mostly because I have to write after working my day-job. However, writing your ebook is the easiest part of self-publishing.

I say that because you need a complete work to sell online. You can upload a partial-complete work to Amazon or Smashwords but customers may not enjoy that. So get your book complete, including editing and cover design, before you sell it online.

The Realities Of Selling An Ebook: Selling The Ebook Is Difficult

I have my ebooks available on Amazon and Smashwords. Some are free while others are non-free. I have more downloads of my free ebooks than the non-free. And that’s the realities of selling an ebook.

If you want to make money then you will have to price your ebook to sell. Check out the prices from self-published authors: Most sell their works for $.99 or $2.99 or $3.99.

Now you can set the price of your ebook to whatever you want. I see authors sell their ebooks for $9.99 or higher. Even famous authors do not overprice their works. If you do so you may not sell one copy of your book. So do your research and price your ebooks to sell.

You Need To Advertise

The realities of selling an ebook is this: You need to advertise so you can sell your book.

One way you can advertise your book is by creating a free website. My website here has a page of all of my ebooks. This way search engines can include it in their results and people searching for it can find it. Another way to advertise is through social media. Many writers create a Facebook page or a Twitter account to talk about their ebooks.

However, the best way to advertise is to pay for it. Why? Because it takes a long time to build a dedicated following through a website or social media. Yet, if you create an ad and pay Facebook to show it you will get better results. You could create ads to show up on Google too. I personally run ads on Twitter.

So be prepared to spend some money to run ads. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars but you should spend some money.

Some Genres Sell Better Than Others

Finally, one of the realities of selling an ebook is this: Some genres sell much better than others.

Go to Smashwords and look at their best-sellers. You will see at least 75% of those books are in the romance category. Then you’ll see fantasy genres sell pretty well too. Self-improvement or self-help books are popular too.

Does this mean your book in a specific genre won’t sell well? Not necessarily. You can improve your book’s changes with the proper marketing strategy. However, be prepared that if you love to write in an obscure genre you will probably sell less books.

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