The President Doesn’t Matter In Your Life

the president doesn't matter

Too many Americans are caught up in politics and put too much faith in politicians. Upon reviewing this past election cycle, which I’m very happy is over (for the most part), the Democrats and Republicans think they’re different but they aren’t. They all think if their candidate gets into office their lives will improve. Sadly, that’s not usually the case. And this is especially so for the President. While people think Trump will make America great again, others believe Biden will correct the damage done by the predecessor. However, both sets of people are wrong. It’s because the President doesn’t matter in your life.

Why The President Doesn’t Matter In Your Life

Americans tend to think the President can resolve many issues in the country but they forget that 1) there are 3 levels in the Federal Government and 2) each state has their own rights. So the President cannot make a law requiring everyone wear a mask or make all illegal drugs legal. Because each state can fight back if that state and its citizens disagrees with the decision.

In addition to that point, what the President does or says does not affect your day-to-day actions. We’ve seen that very thing throughout 2020. The stock market continued to rally while the Federal Government struggled with soaring unemployment and other issues from the COVID-19 Pandemic. And when the Federal Government decided to make a move they passed the torch to the individual states most of the time. That’s why there isn’t a second stimulus payment and the government will not provide additional unemployment payments. They want the states to deal with that headache.

Finally, if you think the President cares about you and your issues he doesn’t. I know that’s harsh to say but Trump nor Biden knows you or cares about you. They care about you paying taxes and getting your vote when needed. Yes, the President will smile and make you feel special but that’s the politician’s game.

Yet, Your State Government Does Matter In Your Life

All Americans should be concerned with how their state affects their lives. You should vote for local and state elections. And everyone should be concerned when their states wants to enact a new tax or increase taxes overall.

Yet, citizens don’t seem to be concerned about the actions their governor takes. Or they will go to their mayor or governor to ask him or her to enact lock-downs or mask mandates or some measure that will take away their rights so they can be “safe.”

I know when you give the government, be it local or state, a little leeway they will take advantage each time. And usually the populace can’t take back control.

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Naomi Lane
6 months ago

I think you are right that the average citizen can have more influence by focusing on their local or state government, but I do feel that everyone looks to the President for leadership in times of crisis like now. He/ She can influence what individual states will do. A call for calm and rational scientific response and respect for medical professionals could have gone a long way. This has been sorely lacking.