The “New” Normal Is Scary

the "new" normal is scary

The “new” normal is scary, and I don’t like how society is going to change due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

People are scared to go outside. They rather stay in and wait for a vaccine. Yet, that can take a year or more. With that in mind, I’m more concerned about people rushing to get a vaccine. They don’t do that for the flu shot.

Whenever people do go outside in the public, they don a mask and gloves. If you don’t, then you get the stink-eye. I don’t wear these things because I’m outside in the sun, and its ultraviolet radiation kills germs. Plus, I have no fear of the Coronavirus, just like I don’t fear the flu with every flu season.

There is so much more fear and distrust in the world right now. And the media isn’t helping the situation at all. They pump in continuous bad news through the TV and Internet. I only turn on my TV to watch YouTube, and even then I steer away from the news. Lest I become depressed like my coworkers.

Why The “New” Normal Is Scary To Me

I came across this video from Computing Forever the other day:

In it, he discusses how society is becoming more distrustful and fearful of public places like groceries.

The “New” Normal Is Scary For How It Affects Schools

What really shocked me is how some schools in Quebec, Canada will treat their students like prisoners. (If you’re watching the video above while reading this, go to the 00:53 mark.)

Reading the sources Computing Forever provided, I feel horrible for the children going back to school soon in some countries. They can’t hang out with each other, or even throw away their trash. Finally, they have to stay seated for a majority of the day. That’s worse than prison because many prisoners get to leave their cell and hang out in the common area with the others. Which means those students in Quebec, Canada will have less movement than prisoners.

While this is only for a providence in Canada, this could make its way to America. School districts haven’t provided how they will handle the next school year. I fear they could implement what Quebec is doing. This could really make children hate school. And the parents who can’t home-school will have no other choice than let their children go through this.

The “New” Normal Is Scary For How It Affects Work Offices

This article from Bloomberg gives extensive details about how some offices are going to change when they workers come back into the office.

For one, they are going to end the open office layout, which is good because it sucks, but instead some companies may install Plexiglas cubicles. Now everyone can work like a DMV employee or gas station attendant in a bad neighborhood.

Next, some offices want to check temperatures before their employees enter the office building, and then again when they get on the floor. If your temperature is above the threshold, then you go home.

How the “new” normal is scary for office life in my opinion is how the companies will track their employees via their badges. If too many congregate in a certain area, then they will be notified to disperse. Some offices are going to push their employees to not work closely together. My workplace already does that by telling us to not have meetings in conference rooms. We are to spread out and have meetings online.


I don’t want things to return to normal because the old normal in America wasn’t good. I believe there are some good outcomes that will come from the Coronavirus pandemic. More people will get to work from home, kids enjoy home-schooling, and we realize we can live without certain services.

Yet, the “new” normal is scary to me because of the growing distrust people have for each other. And the growing clamoring for vaccines and medicines that don’t have enough testing to verify they won’t be worse than the disease.

I don’t know how things are going to turn out. Maybe the public will fight against these changes. Yet, I think their fear will overpower their logic.

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