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the lit bar

For the entire month of February I’m covering black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. Today I feature The Lit Bar, “the only bookstore serving the 1.5 million people of the Boogie Down Bronx. Our venue encourages curious readers and welcomes literary and community gatherings—while our wine bar connects the great pastimes of social sipping and introverted reading.”

What Is The Lit Bar?

The Lit Bar is an indie book store located in Bronx, NY. The store sells books, audiobooks, and ebooks in store and online.

Noëlle Santos, the Proprietress of the store, fights to provide literary pursuits for her home borough. At the end of 2016 the Barnes & Noble location in the Bronx closed down. Thus, the Bronx did not have a single book store for its residents. Seeing the need for a book store, Noëlle opened The Lit Bar On April 27, 2019 which was National Independent Bookstore Day. She explains the mission of her store through a poem.

Not only does the store sell books but it also a wine bar. This not only helps to bring in customers but allows them to browse the books, or start a conversation about a certain book.

Finally, the book store features events periodically (which they call experiences) with authors who discuss their latest work. Patrons not only have the ability to talk with the author but to purchase their book.

Now I must confess why I’m featuring The Lit Bar today: I love book stores! I love walking through them, looking at the books, enjoying the atmosphere, and seeing other people searching for books. However, I spend most of my time in used book stores nowadays. Yet, I would like to visit The Lit Bar one day. I’ve been New York City before but I never made it to the Bronx (and saw very little of Queens and Staten Island). A part of me always wanted to travel back to visit the other boroughs and now I have a reason why.

How To Contact The Lit Bar

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