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For the entire month of February I’m covering black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. Today I feature The Labz, an online platform in which you can “invite your creative teams into a media rich workspace that houses all the tools you need to seamlessly collaborate, protect and showcase creative work.”

What Is The Labz?

The Labz is a creative collaboration workspace which allows music, film, TV, or Stage Production creators to not only build their pieces but protect them too.

The platform provides two services:

  • Workspace 360
  • Vault 360

With the Workspace 360 a group of creators can come together to develop and/or build their content. Through the application the creators can talk through a video chat, share media, chat via text, and invite others.

The Vault 360 service allows creators to save their work to The Cloud. Hence, individuals can upload media and images, share tracks, and view the collaboration history on each file.

However, what makes The Labz stand out is protection the software offers for creators. It’s no secret that piracy runs rampart in the music industry. Back in the day artists worried about bootleggers selling unreleased and/or illegally acquired music. With advances in technology and the Internet, piracy exploded, costing artists untold amounts of revenue. Yet, this platform allows creators to lock their creations from download, instantly tells them whenever someone opens their files and how many times, and allow individuals to privatize their work.

This is the main reason by The Labz founder and CEO, Farah Allen, created the company. Because she saw the mounting losses from piracy in the music industry and how artists couldn’t protect themselves, she sought a solution. However, the solution couldn’t be one-sided. While the musician or filmmaker has to protect their work, the audience must have a simple way to enjoy that work and share it legally.

How To Contact The Labz

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