The Internet Is Forever, So Think About What You Upload

the internet is forever

The Internet is forever. That’s a common saying you’ll read or hear when an individual or a group tries to remove a picture or video or some type of media from the Internet. Doing so is the greatest game of wack-a-mole because even though that individual can remove the picture or article from one website, it will appear on others. So the decision becomes this: Do they continue to wack at those moles or do they accept defeat.

For some, they cannot accept defeat because the picture or video is graphic in nature or very personal. Yet others give up, realize that media is out there forever, and there is nothing they can do about it.

Which is why I follow this mantra: If I would be embarrassed if my family found out, I don’t post it online. You should too.

The Internet Is Forever…And For Everyone To See

I believe people tend to forget that the Internet is a public forum for the entire world. Yes, some of it is walled off and requires an invitation or password to enter, but that doesn’t protect individuals fully. Whatever they say, write or upload can be shared with everyone else.

The most recent example of this is the OnlyFans leak. Somehow images and videos from OnlyFans creators ended up in a massive collection hosted on an online storage website. The OnlyFans company said they weren’t hacked or breach. They said the collection of pictures and video came through other individuals sharing the media. This is a big deal because one can only access these images and videos by paying for them.

However the images and videos are out there for everyone to see. This caused panic in some of the OnlyFans creators because these women and men lost money. Their fans, or anyone interested, didn’t have to pay them to view some of their content. Yet, others were angry from the leak because their family or friends or even coworkers discovered their activities.

And this is why I tell everyone to think about what they are going to upload or write on social media. Oh yes, some people choose the anonymous route but it can be difficult to stay anonymous. Pictures contain Exif standards which can include geotagging. Thus, someone using basic software can find out the location of the picture. More detective work can lead to an individual’s name. Finally, if a person doesn’t use a VPN their IP addresses are tracked. Using that, people can get pretty close to find out where others live.

So Think About What You Upload

As I said before: My mantra before I tweet or post on my blog is if I would embarrassed if my family read or saw it. If I would be, then I don’t post it. Yet, even if I wouldn’t be, I think twice about uploading or releasing it.

Why? Because I may regret that decision later. I have tweeted stuff I wished I could take back. I replied angrily to those in forums. Emotions got the better of me at times. That’s why it’s best to step back and think about the decision before clicking the “submit” button.

Finally, you want to make sure whatever you upload online aligns with your reputation and belief system. This blog is an extension of my writing, but it also ties into my reputation and personal brand. An individual or company could come here to find out who Brittany Gates is and how she acts. My opinions could disgust them or impress them. Again, it depends what I post. The Internet is forever, which includes the good and the bad.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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6 months ago

[…] I wrote before on my blog about how anything you say or do is recorded forever on the Internet. I bring up this point because many people around the world sell their dignity to make a dollar. […]