The Gullible People: My Thoughts About Recent Events In The U.S.

the gullible people

I have been thinking about the recent events in the U.S., including the runoff election in Georgia (where I live), Capitol Incident, social media purges, and the increasing fear throughout the country. Throughout of all this I viewed various sides and their arguments. After reviewing all of this material I came to this conclusion: The gullible people who think they are on the “right” side aren’t. This “us against them” only divides the populace more. And there is reason for that.

Let’s Me Make Myself Clear

I’ve thought long about how I wanted to attempt his post. I not for any “side” and I haven’t been for quite some time. My politics have been in the Independent category for quite some time.

What I want to do is use the critical thinking and logic skills I’ve developed over the years to view what’s going on in the country. I also believe these skills are in short-supply today. Frankly, I think there are people who do not want an educated populace and, thus, keep people from learning how to think for themselves.

That is why the featured image for this post is of sheep. And those sheep are climbing into a truck to be sent for their slaughter. I think there are many Americans on various “sides” who are doing the same. Yet, they think they are on “the right side of history.” However, my question is this: Who’s history are you creating, and what is their endgame?

Who I Think Are The Gullible People

I think the gullible people are the ones who are putting themselves in unnecessary danger for an ideal or purpose.

There are the individuals who do property damage, fight during protests, stalk others online, and overall participate in hurting others. These actions and more do not further a cause; instead, it causes more division.

And that is what I’m seeing in America from various groups. They are dividing up people based on skin color, political ideology, location, class, and more. Thus, they are setting back the population. Think of all the people who fought for more freedoms in the past. And that past life was hard. We have it so good today in this country because of those people.

Yet, the gullible people are causing us to move toward more government intrusion in our lives. They are willing to trade their hard-fought freedom for “safety.” They are the ones who point fingers and say “That group is the problem! We would be better off if they weren’t around.” Yet, what are those individuals going to do when the finger is pointed back them?

The Gullible People Are Increasing In Numbers

This group is increasing in numbers for a few reasons:

  • Watching too much news media
  • Spending too much time on social media platforms
  • Wanting to be part of a group
  • Seeking a worthwhile purpose

In addition to these reasons, more and more individuals are not seeking to understand what is going on. They believe what the news tells them or what they read in an article and go with it. The gullible people chose not to seek out a dissenting voice. Mostly because they think a particular “side” or a different opinion is wrong.

I like to learn. And if the topic is controversial, I want to learn about it even more. Maybe that’s the 1990’s, “go against authority,” part of me. Whatever the case I love to read books and watch videos to learn the different viewpoints. Because of this I’m more open. I want to hear what others think because that makes me think. And then I can determine if my original belief was right or wrong.

My Solution For This Problem

My first solution for this problem is to teach people how to think for themselves. I’m a firm believer in critical thinking and using logic. In addition, we need to teach people to not only to plan for today and tomorrow but also their future. That’s a reason why I wrote “Make Your ‘Future-Self’ Successful” so that people could make good choices now to give them a brighter future.

My second solution is to bring back thoughtful dialogue. Debate is healthy. Having differing opinions is part of society. It’s what makes us people. Yes, some opinions are “wrong” and some can be “dangerous,” but we should seek to help educate those who think like that instead of “cancelling” them.

My final solution is to make reading cool again. I’m not against TV or streaming services but I believe reading opens a part of our minds that TV can’t. And books allow the author to explain their thoughts and rationale in more detail than a video could.

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Naomi Lane
4 months ago

You make some good points here Brittany. Too many people are followers and don’t seek to educate themselves on the issue. Nobody should seek to join an ideological group if that group is supporting violence over thoughtful debate. That should be the first clue that something is wrong with their views. Education on critical thinking is the key.