The Bishop’s Robe Now Available!

the bishop's robe now available ebook cover

The Bishop’s Robe is now available on Kindle! It’s a new (and old) novella. And today I want to discuss the book.

What Is The Bishop’s Robe?

The Bishop’s Robe is a novella I originally wrote and published in 2012. Here’s the premise of the book:

Sylvia “Sly” Kent is a Getter (a professional thief) living in Atlanta, GA and steals items and goods for her wealthy clients. One of her clients, Dietrich Hoffman, offers her a $1 million dollar job to steak a bishop’s cassock and surplice (which she calls a bishop’s robe).

Lured by the money, Sylvia takes the job but it goes poorly and she’s forced to learn a stronger lesson about her criminal lifestyle.

Why Is The Bishop’s Robe New And Old?

When I stopped writing years and years ago I unpublished all of my books, including this one. At the time I didn’t believe this was a good book.

Fast-forward to 2021 and I started re-reading my old books to see if there was any merit to rewriting them. I started with The Fall And Damnation Of Curtis Callow and then I moved onto this book.

The reason the novella is old because I kept the main plot and characters. And the reason it’s new because I added new characters and new portions to the main plot. So if anyone owns the first edition of this novella and buys the second edition they will see major changes.

Where Can You Buy It?

The book is available on Kindle. The ebook format is available now for $0.99. There is a paperback version coming but it’s currently in review by Kindle Direct Publishing. That edition will be $5.99.

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Naomi Lane
2 months ago

Well done to get your novella out to the public. All the best of luck with it.