Website Templates

These are the templates you can choose for your website. 

Layout Design

One Page

Your website is one page only (the “Home” page) that has different sections for the different elements of your business.

For example, there will be a section for your products and/or services, another section about yourself and/or your company, and a section for customers to contact you.

You can rearrange the section order to your liking. And if my templates don’t have a section for a specific part of your business I can usually add one easily.

Template Categories

You can choose from one of the following templates created for specific businesses.

If you don’t see your specific business listed below please review the template closest to your business industry.

Usually you can use that template as each one can fit more than one listed industry.

Customization Options

Here’s what you can customize in a template.

You Can Customize ...

Header & Footer contents (logo, tagline, etc.)

Background image / color




Text font



Section placement