SuperFat Memorial Day Sale

superfat memorial day sale

Starting today is the SuperFat Memorial Day Sale! If you are looking for Keto-friendly / Paleo-friendly / Vegan nut butters and/or cookies, then SuperFat has you covered.

I’ve reviewed a couple of SuperFat’s products. You can read my review of their nut butters here. My Keto Cookies Bites review is here.

Overall, I really enjoy the taste and textures of their nut butters and cookies. Plus, SuperFat uses very clean ingredients. Hence, if you are concerned about nutrition, you will be happy to know that SuperFat doesn’t use any fillers or palm oil.

If you visit their website starting today, May 22, through May 25, you can save $10 from orders of $75 or more using the discount code MDW10. Or if you spend $100 or more, you can save $20 from your order using the discount code of MDW20. Also, all U.S. order over $50 get free shipping!

The SuperFat Memorial Day Sale is a great time to get an awesome deal on their bundles. You already save money by buying their bundles, but now you can save either $10 or $20! The SuperFat Starter Bundle interests me greatly. You get 2 pouches of each nut butter flavor and 1 box of each of their cookies (containing 3 bags in each box).

However, if you are a cookie lover, the SuperFat Keto Cookie Variety Bundle would be a better choice. You get 3 boxes of each of the cookies flavors, meaning you get 9 boxes total. And since there are three bags in each box, that means you have 27 bags of cookies!

There are plenty more bundles to choose from. So check out the SuperFat Memorial Day Sale now until May 25!

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