Stop Doubting Yourself And Release Your Work

stop doubting yourself

Listen up Creative People: Stop doubting yourself and release your work! This message comes from a fellow creative person who knows how doubt can stop you from releasing your gifts to the public.

Stop Doubting Yourself Because You Got To Start Somewhere

On my YouTube channel I do weekly livestreams where my viewers can join me to talk to me via chat in real-time. One question that I’ve been asked in my past few streams is this: How can I be comfortable enough to make videos or doing livestreams online? My answer is the same: Just start.

Yep. Stop doubting yourself because you got to start somewhere. Will your first batch of videos or music singles or pieces of art be perfect? Nope. Can some of them be good? Sure. Are you going to make mistakes? Heck yeah. The same happened to popular artists, writers, and musicians. They released their pieces out to the public and some bombed. Yet, they didn’t allow that to stop them and they continued improving.

When I look back at the stories I first self-published or my early YouTube videos I do cringe a little. They were ok but not as good as the books or videos I produce today. Yet, if I doubted myself I wouldn’t have kept trying to learn more about my craft or even myself. Thus, I would’ve given up and probably regretted my decisions later.

Stop Doubting Yourself Because Fear Kills Your Inspiration

If you’re stuck in a cycle of “what-ifs” you must do you best to escape it quickly. That fear will kill your inspiration which will lead to your career failing. So stop doubting yourself unless you want your career to fail.

Now, this cycle is hard to break. I still find myself saying “what if I fail?” or “what if I don’t make any money?” because fear never leaves. It’s always in your mind waiting to pop out when you feel insecure or antsy. So how do I deal with this? I like to imagine myself failing just to see what the consequences are. If my business fails then I go back to working a regular job like everyone else. And I would have to tell people my business failed. Overall, that’s not bad because I’ll have a way to make money, have health insurance, and a story to tell later on.

What about my writing career? What would I do if I got bad reviews or didn’t sell any books? Well, at least I tried. I completed a novel (which is a feat upon itself) and put it out there for the public to read. I know this: If I didn’t try then no one read my stuff either.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

This is so true Brittany and we all go through periods of low self-confidence. I have been meaning to try out making TikTok videos to promote my work but fear gets in the way. You have motivated me to try it.