Smart Home Devices: I Want No Part Of Them

smart home devices

For the past few weeks I continue to get emails from my power provider, GA Power, offering me to join various new pilot programs to help me and the community save on electricity. Upon signing up for these programs, GA Power will install a device or connect to a smart thermostat to control how often your air conditioner runs or water heater works. Although I do love technology and work in the industry I dislike smart home devices. Today I explain why I want no part of them.

Reason #1 Why I Don’t Like Smart Home Devices: I Don’t Them Listening To Me

I want no part of smart home devices, especially the virtual assistants like the Echo or Google Home, because those suckers listen to you constantly. Oh yes, the companies say the devices aren’t recording your conversations constantly and only listen for the “command word” but I don’t trust that at all. If you don’t believe me then look it up as there are various articles discussing this very topic. In one case the police pulled the recordings of an Anazom Echo device as they thought it witnessed (well, recorded) the murder of a young woman.

Reason #2 Why I Don’t Like Smart Home Devices: They May Have Unpatchable Software Bugs

I don’t like smart home devices because many have unpatchable software bugs. This is really a problem if the device doesn’t have a way to connect to the Internet to download a patch. Either you live with the issue or send the product back to the manufacturer for a fix.

And I don’t want my appliances requiring updates to work properly. It’s bad enough when I have to update my computer for it function properly or fix a bug, but now I gotta do the same with my fridge or TV? Nope! Not for me.

Reason #3 Why I Don’t Like Smart Home Devices: We Really Don’t Need Them

Someone told me about their smart light bulbs and how they could change the color and turn them on and off via their phone and all I could think of was “why?” Why do we need that? And why do you have to spend so much money on those bulbs?

Call me old-fashioned but I want my products to be dumb. I want my TV to turn on when I press the power button on the remote. Vacuuming isn’t a chore for me and I’m fine to push it. I don’t need my washer to alert me on my phone when the clothes finished washing. And I have no problem setting the temperature on my thermostat.

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