Slovenliness: Why Do We Celebrate It Now?


I became aware of the cover for the December 7 issue of The New Yorker yesterday and I couldn’t believe my eyes. On the cover is a woman living in filth while she “dates” online. Why do we celebrate slovenliness now? How come it’s fine for adults to live in untidy homes with crap on the floor and piles of dishes in various rooms?

The New Yorker Cover

Here is the cover so you can see for yourself:

Dec 7 Edition of The New Yorker Magazine.

The cover story is about our love lives now, specifically when it comes to online dating. Yet, this cover makes me focus on the pigpen this woman lives in.

First off is the mess that’s in every room. The kitchen is full of dishes, alcohol bottles, and food. When you look behind the partition you see a partially made-up bed with clothes laying everywhere. Finally, the living room is the biggest offender with Amazon boxes (empty and non-empty), various food packaging, papers and trash on the floor, and two cats probably looking how to escape this mess.

Finally, the woman matches the slovenliness of her home: She has a nice blouse on as she does a video call but wears shorts and slippers. She appears to be “put together” as the woman has her hair in a nice bun, fashionable earrings, and bracelets while holding a drink. Yet, it’s all a lie. She’s far from a “put together” individual.

Why I Think Society Celebrates Slovenliness Now

I think a good part of society celebrates slovenliness today because some people are slobs and enjoy laziness.

Yes, I sound harsh but as a 38 year old woman who lives by herself, working a full-time job and operating a business, I still find the time everyday to clean up and keep a tidy home. So does other single people, married people, and even families. There’s really no excuse nowadays. If you don’t want to clean you can download an app and pay for someone to come to your house and clean it.

Jordan Peterson is right when he tells people to clean up their room. People need to do this literally. It’s not cute to look like a slob. It’s not cute to live in filth. The longer you live like that, the greater the likelihood you will see that as normal.

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