Six Months Of Freedom: I Describe What It’s Like

six months of freedom

Today marks six months since I left my full-time job and took a chance on myself. The significance of this date popped into my mind the other day when I looked at my calendar for another reason. (yes, I have a physical one hanging up, well, two in fact in different parts of my house). That’s when I decided to write a post about these six months of freedom.

Six Months Of Freedom: No, I Don’t Loaf Around

I actually work longer and in some way harder than what I did at my full-time job. I’ve written about preparing for my foray into self-employment which you can read here and here and here.

That picture attached to this post, that’s my home office. That’s where I spend hours and hours per day, every day. I’m either writing my latest novella, or writing a blog post for one of my blogs, or recording a YouTube video, or doing admin tasks or creating a new t-shirt design for my ecommerce business.

Yes, I work weekends. At my full-time job I rarely worked weekends, and I didn’t work myself for hours and hours a day. After my standard shift of eight hours I left to go home.

However, there are days where I don’t do any work at all. Maybe I spend a good portion of the day reading a book, or playing video games, or enjoying the outdoors. That’s when the freedom kicks in. Speaking of which….

Six Months Of Freedom: I Thoroughly Enjoy Controlling My Time

These past six months of freedom have been pretty awesome because I thoroughly enjoy controlling my time. Of course it’s the little things like waking up when I want to or taking a break whenever. However, what I truly cherish is spending my time on the activities I choose to do.

If I want to spend hours writing, which does happen frequently, then I’ll do it. Yet, if I have a bunch of tasks to complete for that day then I’ll create a strict block schedule so I don’t allow my time to slip away.

Finally, I love having the ability to take my time instead of being rushed all the time. It’s like that in any full-time job, no matter if you work in the office or at home. There’s always someone interrupting you to answer an urgent question, work on a high-priority ticket, or ask you a question you’ve already answered several times before.


After living like this I made the decision that I won’t go back way to my old way of living. That’s a bold statement for me to make because I don’t know what the future holds for me but I know that I rather stay on my current path and make this new lifestyle work.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

Congrats on establishing a new, healthier work-life balance. I have a feeling you might still end up doing some tech consulting work in the future because of your skills, but you can still make your own hours.