Selfishness: Is It Wrong?


I am a selfish person. Admitting this doesn’t make me feel bad because I’m not hurting anyone with my selfishness, including myself.

Ways My Selfishness Manifest

My selfishness revolves around taking care of me. I am single and do not have any children or dependents. Because of that, I enjoy using my money and free time on myself. Traveling, reading, buying nice cuts of meat, toying around the idea of taking an extended break from working because I have money saved up, all of this is about satisfying my desires.

However, I am not about pleasing my flesh or attaining material items. Instead, I’m about learning more about the world and the people within it, listening to their stories. I find this is easily done when I only have to look out for myself.

Because I want these freedoms and others in my life, I made certain personal decisions which will not work for others. And I must stress that: Selfishness means your actions will have consequences, be good or bad.

In my life, my selfishness has made my life relatively easy. I don’t have to worry about making a spouse happy or taking care of a child. I come and go as I please. Finally, I look out for myself and my needs and wants first.

However, I must admit I do not mesh well with various society norms. Hence, I find myself left out of events involving couples or families or even groups of single people. That’s a consequence of selfishness I must deal with, as this will never go away.

When Selfishness Becomes Wrong

I believe selfishness becomes wrong when your needs and wants impedes on others lives. A person who robs someone because he or she has something the person wants is selfish and wrong. The parent who leaves their child or children at home without supervision so he or she can enjoy their life is selfish and wrong.

In those cases, I would tell those individuals to step back and look at where they are in their lives. Yes, there are people out there with nice things but use that yearning for those nice things to work diligently to attain them yourself. If you’re a parent needing some time to yourself because that’s natural, then hire a babysitter or ask a family member to watch your child or children.

Because I have more free time than others, and I have disposable income, I stay later to work when others can’t or give more because I won’t miss that money. And I do those things willingly because life is all about give and take. I know that sounds contradictory with the theme of this post, but, again, I don’t want to hurt anyone with my lifestyle. And everyone plays a part in this play called life.

Being Selfish Is Freeing

Having this unpopular opinion does cause problems at times, but overall I find it freeing.

Too many people want to look “normal” and fit in and impress others and show off and just be the center of the universe. I don’t care about any of that anymore. As I become older, none of that matters nor sounds particularly interesting.

Since I’m free, I’m not roped into living a life I would hate. I truly believe there’s a population of people who never will get married or will have children or own a house or even work a “normal” job. And those individuals won’t fit in. I’m part of that group.

In the end, my selfishness allows me to live a fulfilling life devoid of the standard trappings of modern life.

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