Sacrifice & Patience: Crucial Values Missing Today

sacrifice & patience

I browsed Twitter one day and came across a thread about the Trades (electricians, HVAC, plumbing, etc.) needing employees. One guy, an electrician I believe, said that someone would have a high-paying job with great job security after 4 years of on-the-job training/education. Another guy replied back that was too long because he didn’t want to learn for 4 years for a good-paying job. That got me thinking about sacrifice & patience, values that usually go hand-in-hand. These crucial values are missing in many people today. What is that?

Why I Think Sacrifice & Patience Are Missing Today

I think one reason why sacrifice & patience are missing today because the world works at such a fast speed today. If you are hungry, you can order food from an app and it’ll be delivered in under an hour. Or you can drive down to the store and buy already-prepared food. Technology has improved our lives so that we don’t even have to keep food in our homes to eat! So why would any individual dedicate their time and energy to learning a new skill or getting out of debt?

These values are missing today because some parents didn’t teach them to their children. Now these children are adults with kids of their own and aren’t teaching their kids either. I’ve seen this in my own family. There are individuals who are unhappy about their jobs, their relationships, and other things yet will not make the sacrifice to improve their lives by taking a class to improve their career or change their eating habits to lose weight. And they don’t have the patience for it either as they want the changes to happen instantly.

To be honest, I think that’s the biggest reason why sacrifice & patience are missing in today’s world: Too many of us want it now. We want to lose weight now. He wants to get out of debt now. She wants to be happy now. Yet, we didn’t get into our trouble suddenly as it took time. Thus, to change, to improve will take time too.

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Naomi Lane
7 months ago

It is true that this is an instantaneous generation. Everything is available at the click of a finger. Somehow, putting in the time to study and rise up the ladder of achievement had been lost. The university model almost seems outmoded now, as private colleges pop up everywhere. It is difficult to navigate for young adults.