Reviewing My 2019 Goals

reviewing my 2019 goals

This being the first week in January, many people are making resolutions to improve their lives. Let’s look at those resolutions as goals. Today I’m reviewing my 2019 goals!

Since the beginning of 2018 I’ve written down goals I wanted to accomplish that year. Throughout the year I would go back to my list to mark off the goals I finished or write down the progress of others. And when the the end of each year comes, I do a final review.

Reviewing My 2019 Goals: What I Completed

While reviewing my 2019 goals list in my journal, I saw I completed 6 of the 7 goals I created. That’s pretty good in my opinion because I actually pushed myself to complete them.

It’s very easy to allow yourself to think you have more time to get things done. A year is 365 days, and I know I told myself several times throughout the year “It’s fine I didn’t do anything today. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Then tomorrow becomes another day which becomes a week and then time runs away.

So what did I complete in 2019?

  • Passed the LX0-104 CompTIA Linux+ exam
    • I did this for career reasons as I use Linux at my day-job everyday. Also, my employer reimbursed me for the exam costs!
  • Restarted programming in Python by creating a new Flask app and built a web scraper
    • I taught myself Python in 2018 as it was one of my goals and I wanted to learn intermediate topics.
  • Paid off my student loan (and got out of debt completely)
    • This was a birthday present to myself as I paid off my loan in July, my birth month.
  • Started weight-lifting again
    • After losing 90+ pounds from Keto, I implemented an exercise routine.
  • Toned various parts of my body
    • Losing so much weight left me with sagging skin so I worked on toning my body.
  • Learned to make kombucha
    • I wanted to learn a new hobby, and I enjoyed drinking kombucha. So learning how to make it made sense.

Reviewing My 2019 Goals: What I Didn’t Complete

The one goal I didn’t complete in 2019 was a late addition. If I remember correctly, I added this goal some time in October.

I bought a Python ebook collection from Humble Bundle which came with several ebooks, training courses and a 6-month key to the Professional edition of PyCharm.

My fourth-quarter added goal was to finish reading all of the Python ebooks and complete all of the training I bought. I don’t know why I made that goal. Maybe to make myself read the ebooks and finish the training. But I didn’t fully think about what that goal entailed. I didn’t have enough time in my day to write content for this blog, work on my fiction writing, read the books I bought, do all the stuff for my side-business and work my day-job.

Since I’m putting more and more of my time into restarting my writing career as it’s my passion, I didn’t see the need to focus on Python programming. It is a skill I still enjoy and I’ll continue to refresh it.

I’m not too concern with this incomplete goal as I own the ebooks and have as much time as I need to finish reading them. The same goes with the Python training courses.

My 2020 Goals

It’s time for 2020 goals! This list is not complete and I know I’m going to add more as the months progress. And that’s OK! If you make a goals list, or are thinking about one, know that the list is never “done.” Yes, you may be done adding to it at that moment, but a few months later a new goal will pop up. And you may complete a goal ahead of schedule so you need to go back to the list and mark it done.

So what are my 2020 goals so far?

  • Redesign this website completely
  • Stay consistent with my content for this website
  • Start writing again
    • I have a unfinished story called “The First War” I was to finish and publish this year.
    • There’s an untitled science-fiction story bouncing around in my head for the past few years I want to write the first draft of.
    • A new story popped into my head late in 2019 I titled “The Year 2100” I want to write a first draft of.
  • Finish reading the books on my bookshelf before buying new ones
    • I have several unread books I bought from a few used book stores.
  • Pay myself more money each month
    • I have a specific number I want to save each month so I can transition from working my day-job 5 days a week to working for myself writing full-time.
  • Buy a house
    • It’s just time.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading this post! Make sure to bookmark my website so you won’t forget to visit! And remember…

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Larry Clayton
Larry Clayton
1 year ago

You continue to stay on an upward path year after year. Keep up the good work.