Resolving Writer’s Block: A How-To Guide

resolving writer's block

Writer’s block happens to every writer at some point, yet it affects each individual differently. A writer may lose the passion to write. Another may find writing too tedious to continue. Yet another writer may write hundreds of word at a time but hate it all and destroy it. However writer’s block affects someone, every writer seeks a way out of it. In today’s how-to guide, I provide a few suggestions on resolving writer’s block.

Resolving Writer’s Block: Take A Break

Yes, you read the headline correctly: Take a break. I discovered that if I try to force the words to come out of me, they wouldn’t. It’s like I’m pushing my brain to complete a task and it’s out to lunch.

Other times I suffer writer’s block because I run into a problem with the plot, or I don’t know how to progress the story. Frustration sets in and I can’t write.

When it comes to resolving writer’s block of this type, I get up and go into another room. Or I go outside and take in some fresh air. Sometimes I work on chores.

Taking a break allows you to decompress because writing can be stressful at times. Especially if you’re under a tight deadline. It also allows your brain to stop focusing on the task at hand and wander. Your imagination will take over, and it’s during this period when inspiration usually hits. Hopefully you’re not in the shower or sitting on the toilet when it does.

Resolving Writer’s Block: Write Something Else

Yep, you read that headline right too: Write something else. For me, if I find I can’t get make headway writing my current work-in-progress then I put that down and write something else.

I usually turn to my journal and write down my feelings. I may journal for a page or two or spend twenty minutes doing it. During this time I’m not concerned about my previous failure. I just want to get my feelings out about whatever topic at the time.

As a result of this, I find I’m more apt to go back to writing my work-in-progress and advance the story.

Final Tip: Make A Drawing

Oh yeah, that headline is correct: Drawing can help you when it comes to resolving writer’s block.

Recently, I had an issue with the plot in a novella I’m writing where the area I created was wrong. I had some individuals inside of a volcano but I described it way wrong because I didn’t do the proper research.

So after looking at pictures of the formation of a volcano inside and outside, I opened my notebook and drew how I wanted the area to look like. Next to my pictures I wrote down descriptions of where the characters would stand, where the lava would be, things like that. From that drawing I was able to go back to my story and have a clear picture of how to describe the room to the reader and place my characters in the proper location.

While some writers write their scenes from the pictures in their head, sometimes it’s better to be able to draw that picture and then view it as you write.

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