Please Give Blood If You Can Because It’s Sorely Needed

please give blood

Tomorrow makes two weeks since I gave blood. The reason I gave it because I saw an ad on TV. I usually don’t watch the local news on my TV but I did that day and I heard the commercial from the American Red Cross asking for blood donations. They said supplies were severely low. And I heard God tell me to go give blood so I did. Now I want to implore everyone else to please give blood if you can. There are so many people who need it.

Please Give Blood And Don’t Be Afraid

I know some people don’t want to give blood because they are afraid. Although there are videos you can watch that shows the entire donation process, still some are scared. Some fear the pain of the needle going into their arm, while others may hate the sight of blood.

I want to assure you that the process isn’t bad. You answer some health questions, have your iron levels tested, get your bags and vials, and then go have your blood taken. During the blood drive I attended it was like a party. They were playing music and some people were dancing and enjoying themselves.

I will say this though regarding pain: The finger prick to check my iron levels hurt so much more than the needle to draw my blood.

Please Give Blood And Other Byproducts

If you can please give blood and other byproducts. Yes, most people donate whole blood but people need plasma and platelets. I’m planning to give platelets soon (probably in the next few days) after getting an email from the American Red Cross.

Also, you have to wait 3 months between each whole blood donation. However, you can give other byproducts more often. That’s the reason why I’m going to give platelets.


I implore you to please give blood because so few people actually donate. Even worse, the population of Americans who can donate is under 40%. Yet, the need is great. And we can’t make blood.

So if you’re looking for a way to give back to your community outside of your time or money then consider giving blood. You can not only save someone’s life during an emergency but you can also help those going to through cancer treatments or chronic illnesses.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

This is an excellent reminder for all of us. I used to give blood frequently when I was younger, but the last time they told me I wasn’t eligible any more due to a health issue. Thank you for reaching out to encourage us.