Pick Up A Book

pick up a book

One of the ways I developed contentment in my adult years was to pick up a book and read it. Reading takes you on a trip without getting in a car or a plane. And since you do little work in preparation for this trip it’s pretty calming.

Why I Choose To Pick Up A Book

I love reading. I’ve loved it since childhood. Also, I have a family who pressed everyone to not only learn how to read but to continue reading. Thus, I’m usually reading something every month.

I choose to pick up a book as my form of learning and entertainment because of my imagination. Due to my years of reading, I can vividly see the scenes in the book as laid out by the author. Even if I’m reading a textbook or instructions, I can see the actions I need to take. My imagination is greater than any special effects in a movie or TV show.

Finally, I believe it’s good to keep your brain stimulated with reading. Reading makes the various parts of our brain work together to understand what we read.

Does It Matter What You Read?

As long as you pick up a book to read, I care not what you like to read. I prefer to read literature like Flannery O’Connor or John Steinbeck, but in the past I would read Dean Koontz.

If you love Science Fiction novels, then read them. Romance may be your favorite genre so go for it. Heck, if you love Erotica Fiction then go for it. I know people who only read non-fiction and I have no problem with that. As long as you read!

How Contentment Comes When You Pick Up A Book To Read

You develop contentment when you read due to the following:

  • You sit back and relax to read.
  • Some read with a beverage or a bite to eat, or both.
  • Your mind goes to a different world, removing yourself from the cares of the current world.
  • Intrigue has a calming effect.
  • Taking time to reflect about what you read deepens your relaxation.

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