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Performing A Tech Refresh At A Bank: Hurry Up & Wait

performing a tech refresh

Today I want to talk about my experience of performing a tech refresh at a bank branch during this week. It’s basically working in sprint and then waiting for the bank to verify everything works properly. Yes, it’s a bunch of hurry up & wait. Which is fine with me because I get paid to sit around.

How Did I Get This Gig?

I’ve done contract work in the past for the company that has the refresh contract from the bank. They reached out to all the techs about this project and I signed up. I had to go through a background check and go through the fingerprint process since I’m dealing with a bank. Now I have a nifty badge!

What Is It Like Performing A Tech Refresh At A Bank?

Overall, it’s all about following directions.

Banks have their own procedures and I can’t interrupt them. Although I get to the bank at 4pm to get started, I can’t replace any of the computers and other devices until after the bank closes and the staff leaves. That’s right: I work in the bank by myself. The staff gives me a key to the building and the pin code to the security system. Now don’t get all excited. I’m recorded at all times and there’s no money for me to steal.

I spend the first few hours rushing to remove the old computers and devices to install the new assets. It takes a long time since I have to deal with the rat’s nest of wires underneath the Teller Line. Banks love to install one set of wires on top of another set and then nestle between them a series of power strips.

From there, I kick off the images from the bank’s network and wait for 1.5 hours for those to finish. After the computers finish imaging, I notify the bank’s personnel on the bridge. Then they validate that everything installed properly and that all of the devices work. And this starts the waiting portion.

Why Do I Have To Wait So Long?

For one, the bank performs several tech refreshes at the same time. While I was at one branch, there was at least five other branches across the U.S. in progress. The bank has several members of their personnel helping us but it takes time.

During this time the personnel checks the computer image, if the connected devices work (such as a receipt printer and a check sorter), and other things I’m not aware of. I go ahead and take a break. Eat a snack I brought, drink some water, and check Twitter. After my break I’ll start the clean-up process which is collecting the trash and putting the old assets into a certain location for another crew to pick up later.

Does Anything Interesting Happen At The Bank At Night?

Oh yes, it does.

First, the lights tend to go off due to lack of motion. I have to constantly walk from behind the Teller Line to walk into the lobby to turn those back on.

At a certain time the alarm will arm itself which is kinda scary because I didn’t do anything. However, a quick call to the Security Department cleared up my confusion and put my mind at ease.

Lastly, people visit the bank late into the evening to deposit money into the ATM.

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Naomi Lane
1 month ago

You are a trail-blazing tech wizard Brittany. I applaud your genius. You should be a regular speaker with youth on career options for women.