one step to financial independence

One Step To Financial Independence

Personal Finance

The one step to financial independence is this: Make your present-day self think about your future self. Thus, the present-day you will implement the actions needed to benefit future you. How do you do that? I’ll explain. How To Take The One Step To Financial Independence I will use myself as the example for this […]

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new changes coming

New Changes Coming


With the start of July means we’re halfway done with the year. Yes, 2020 has been difficult for most but I’m not letting the troubles of the world stop me from achieving my goals. One of them is improving this website. After reviewing the analytics, and seeing what content does better than others, there are […]

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employers are not your friends

Employers Are Not Your Friends

Career Advice

Today I want to discuss some harsh career advice: Employers are not your friends. Oh, I know employers will tell their employees they are like family and will look out for them but that’s not true. Let’s review why. Employers Are Not Your Friends Because They Pay You Employees trade their time for money from […]

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the realities of selling an ebook

The Realities Of Selling An Ebook


For anyone interested in self-publishing, this article provides the realities of selling an ebook. I have self-published my pieces on and off for the past several years and I’m here to tell others the truth. The Realities Of Selling An Ebook: Writing Is The Easy Part Writers, before you come after me, I understand writing […]

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the impending income cliff

The Impending Income Cliff

Personal Finance

The impending “income cliff” is almost here per CNBC. Come July 31st, 2020 the extended unemployment benefits of $600 ends. And right now the U.S. Government states they will not extend it (as of this post’s publication). So today I want to provide 3 tips on how to survive the fall. Tip #1 On How […]

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americans need another stimulus check

Americans Need Another Stimulus Check

Personal Finance

As the U.S. economy continues to sputter as the states reopen, there are still millions of Americans filing unemployment claims. When the extended unemployment benefits end on July 31st, more Americans expect to have more financial troubles because they will not have the money to pay their bills, including rent or their mortgage. Now there […]

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