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One Step To Financial Independence

one step to financial independence

The one step to financial independence is this: Make your present-day self think about your future self. Thus, the present-day you will implement the actions needed to benefit future you. How do you do that? I’ll explain.

How To Take The One Step To Financial Independence

I will use myself as the example for this article because I took the one step to financial independence years ago.

Present-Day Brittany

Present-Day Brittany is debt-free, lives a lean life when it comes to spending money, and is pretty content when it comes to money. Due to the actions of Past Brittany, Present-Day Brittany can save most of her income and use it to invest in herself, a business, real estate, and more! The current version of Brittany is less concerned about her day-job because she has other income streams. And she continues to improve those streams and add more. Thus, Present-Day Brittany’s actions will continue to benefit Future Brittany.

The Actions Present-Day You Should Take Now!

If you seek financial independence then you need to take certain actions now:

  • Get out of debt
  • Develop additional income streams
  • Change your mindset regarding money

I discussed two popular methods of debt repayment in a previous article. Present-Day You must sit down today and develop a debt-repayment plan today! If you continue to put this off then Future You will not have financial independence.

As for developing additional income streams, you need to determine what works for you. Present-Day Brittany has two blogs (this one and a website creation one), sells ebooks, and is working on a t-shirt line to sell online. Hopefully these ideas helps Present-Day You develop a side-business. This way Future You will not have to depend on a single income for financial independence.

Finally, Present-Day you needs to change your mindset regarding money. Money is a tool one can use for good or bad. You can spend it freely and end up in a bad position, or spend it on opening a business or learning a new skill. You can become a creator with your money or stay a consumer. I suggest the former, but it’s up to you.

Future Brittany & Future You

Present-Day Brittany continues to make moves for Future Brittany because she doesn’t want to let her down. Yes, making these changes is rough. The amount of time Present-Day Brittany sacrifices is great. Some days she’s doesn’t enjoy it. Yet, if she gives up now then Future Brittany will not be in a good place.

So when Present You feels like giving up, think about how you will feel in the future when your situation isn’t better. How would you feel if Future You was in a worse situation than now? Yeah, you wouldn’t like that so push through. You can achieve financial freedom but it takes time and patience.

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