Not Writing As Your Main Job: How To Cope

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I, like nearly all writers, want to write full-time as my job. However, I discovered pretty quickly that is a dream most writers will not achieve unless they win the lottery, or find a supportive partner to pay all the bills, or become a best-seller writer. So how can you cope with not writing as your main job? The following is how I come to grips with that realization.

Not Writing As Your Main Job: Be Grateful Of Your Day-Job

I know, you would love to quit your day-job and write all day from the comfort of your home. Me too. Yet, we should be very grateful of our day-job.

These jobs, although they take up at least 40 hours of our precious time per week, allow us to survive. Hence, we are able to write during our time off.

So when I have a hard day at work and long to write full-time, I remind myself to be grateful for my employment. Due to it I can save up money to one day transition to writing as my main job. Speaking of saving money….

Not Writing As Your Main Job: Save Money To Achieve Your Dream

I have a high-yield savings account I put money into whenever I receive my paycheck to help me achieve my goal of writing full-time. Hence, I’m very happy to work my day-job. I suggest you do the same.

It doesn’t matter how much you can save at the moment. Even if you only put $25 into the account with each paycheck, at least that’s better than nothing. Seeing the balance rise over time showcases your dream can be a reality one day.

Finally, you may decide that sacrificing other expenses to save more into your writing fund is more important. Hence, you can save more money throughout the month. I’m currently doing this, as I divert money from things like buying video games or eating out to my savings account.

What To Do If You Want To Quit Your Job To Write

If you either hate your job, or you can’t fight the feeling to quit to write full-time, ask yourself this question: How will you afford life as a writer?

You better ask yourself this before quitting because being a starving artist isn’t cool or fun. Bills will come due, and then the stress comes.

Also, writing isn’t a fast medium to make money. Even if you self-publish your works, it still takes times to write, edit, publish, and market your books. Even then, you there’s usually a 30-day to 60-day delay when receiving royalty payments. I sold books in February and got my paid in late April from Amazon. Can you wait that long to get paid?

Finally, you need to make sure you’re not running away from your problems. Maybe you don’t like your day-job and need to find another? Or you need a vacation to relax? Writing as your main job may not make you happy after all.

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