New Design Coming Soon

new design coming soon

New design coming soon to my website! Its’ time to spruce up my website, put the focus on my books, and display the offers I’m providing.

New Design Coming Soon Updates

What’s my new design? How will it look? Well, you’ll have to wait and see. I’m hoping to release it some time next week. However, when I do you’ll see it.

Yet, I’m going to do the following:

  • Overhaul the layout of my website to have a front page focusing on my books and my blog posts on a separate page.
  • Add new color scheme and images/pictures.
  • Update the copy on several pages.
  • Create a new page offering services I sell on different websites.
  • Market my other websites and/or web apps.
  • Implement new WordPress widgets to provide additional functionality and/or features.
  • And whatever else I think of.

Why Redesign Now?

I usually redesign my website at least once a year but sometimes twice a year. It depends on what changes in my life and/or career.

After creating additional income streams and creating more content for different platforms, I need a website that pulls all of that together in one place. I’m treating my website like a landing page for everything I do so visitors can come here for more information, or fan out to other platforms to read/learn more.

Also, the blog posts aren’t the focus of my website anymore. When I first started it years ago it was but not anymore. I will showcase my books first, along with the other content I’m creating. Although I will continue to write new blogs posts on the same schedule they will be on a separate page.

Finally, the newsletter will still go out but I’m going to push harder to market it more.

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Naomi P Lane
1 month ago

It’s great that you are keeping your website fresh and focusing on generating income for yourself Brittany.