New Changes Coming

new changes coming

With the start of July means we’re halfway done with the year. Yes, 2020 has been difficult for most but I’m not letting the troubles of the world stop me from achieving my goals. One of them is improving this website. After reviewing the analytics, and seeing what content does better than others, there are new changes coming to this website. Let’s see what they are:

New Changes Coming: Removing The Scheduled Posts

Starting with this post’s publication I am not longer adhering to a specific date when it comes to scheduling new posts. The main reason for this change is due to schedule changing.

I already work a full-time job that takes up 40 hours of my week. On top of that I write and run this website, I write and run my technology / website creation website Brittbot, then I write books, and finally I’m creating a t-shirt line / store. Thus, I’m busy.

What I will do is post at least one new post each week and make that post longer (at least 1000 words). If I can then I will post more content throughout the week.

New Changes Coming: Focusing On Specific Topics

I will write and produce content for the following topics:

  • Self-Publishing
  • Self-Employment
  • Career Advice
  • Personal Finance
  • Lifestyle

I chose these topics because I enjoy writing about them, I have a good amount of experience working in those areas, and they are the best performing content on my site.

I Will Integrate My YouTube Channel Into My Website

As I start producing more content for my YouTube channel, I will start integrating both this website and the channel. I think both pair well together as I’m going to discuss the same or similar topics on my YouTube Channel as I do my blog. I’m still working on improving my channel.

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