My WordPress Website Guide Is Now Available!

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My WordPress website Guide, Create A Business Website With WordPress In Nine Steps, is now available on Amazon or Gumroad for $5!

What Is My WordPress Website Guide About?

This how-to guide contains nine steps on how a beginner (yes, you do not need any professional website design or WordPress experience) can create and maintain a functional and successful business website using self-hosted WordPress.

I discuss the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Why to choose WordPress over other software
  • How to develop an original domain name for your business
  • Choosing the proper web hosting provider for your website
  • If you should use
  • Reviewing WordPress’ recommended hosting partners
  • How to purchase the proper SSL certificate for your website
  • If you can use free SSL certificates
  • How to secure and protect your WordPress installation
  • Tools you can use to setup a local WordPress development environment
  • And much more!

The Reason I Wrote The Guide

I wrote Create A Business Website With WordPress In Nine Steps because I follow many writers on Twitter. And many of them either don’t have a website, or want to redesign their website. However, many don’t have the funds to hire a professional to build their website nor the skills to create their own.

The topic of WordPress would always come up during these discussions. And I would highly recommend the Content Management System because I’ve used it for over a decade now. However, I use self-hosted WordPress which takes more experience and time to learn and use. Thus, I would push these writers to using Because it allows them to create a beautiful website but not have to handle all the maintenance stuff.

Yet, is limiting in many ways and can be quite expensive over time. That’s why I wrote this guide because self-hosted WordPress, even for a blog or simple website, can be much cheaper if a person is willing to take on some of the responsibility. And through the guide I tell readers exactly what they have to do to create and maintain a successful business website.

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Naomi P Lane
21 days ago

Congratulations on the launch of your new book Brittany. Well done!