My Journey With Kombucha

my journey with kombucha

My journey with kombucha started about two years ago. I bought my first bottle from the store, I can’t remember which one but most likely either Whole Foods or Sprouts, because I was heavy into reading Bon Appetit then. I had a free subscription to the magazines thanks to a Google promotion and tried the various recipes and products, kombucha being one of them. While this beverage is tasty it’s also quite expensive. Thus, I looked into seeing if I could make my own and from a quick YouTube search I discovered I could. Now I can’t stop making it.

My Journey With Kombucha Took Patience

My journey with kombucha took patience because I had to make the starter liquid. Kombucha is fermented black tea and fermentation takes time. The starter liquid is what ferments the tea. So how did I make it?

You can buy the liquid online but I go with buying a bottle of unflavored kombucha and adding that to a warm batch of brewed sweet tea. (You can’t use hot tea because the heat will kill the living bacteria in the bottle.)

After mixing the two liquids it takes about five to seven days for the fermentation to complete, depending on the temperature in the house. Kombucha’s bacteria likes temperature between 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit but can grow in temperatures as low as the low 70s but takes longer. This is why you need patience.

My Journey With Kombucha Required Experimentation

My journey with kombucha required experimentation because I had to find out which ingredients provided the best flavors.

I’ve tried many types of fruits to impart flavor into my kombucha, from berries to citrus. This parts takes some research because the kombucha bacteria loves sugar. So a fruit high in fructose will provide not only a great flavor but good carbonation. However, I don’t like my beverage too sweet so I typically use berries.

Now I’ve used other fruit throughout my journey and discovered some didn’t work at all. Oranges were a flop, as were lemons. Cherries work good sometimes, but other times not. Watermelon was good as was apple. You can also mix in veggies with your fruit but I don’t like that flavor profile so I don’t use it. Finally, you can include herbs in your kombucha like basil or mint but that can be a little too strong for my tastes so I stay away from it.

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Naomi Lane
3 months ago

You have motivated me to try kombucha. I am a huge tea lover, but I was afraid it would be too acidic. Recently I found out how healthy it is for the gut. I really admire the way you always try to learn new cost-saving measures, even if they involve a little hard work.