My Drastic Decision To Quit My Job To Start A Business

my drastic decision

Today marks my last day working at Twitter. With this article I want to be real about my drastic decision to leave my job to start a new business during this time in life.

My Tenure At Twitter

I worked at Twitter for 3 years at one of their data centers. My job title was Site Operations Technician which meant I that fixed broken servers. Replacing broken hard drives, bad memory, things like that. In addition to that I assisted creating and/or updating work procedures. Finally, I trained new employees.

Why did I leave my job? Why couldn’t I run my businesses while working at Twitter? One word: Time.

I didn’t have enough time to devote to my business ventures due to my full-time job. Working forty hours a week is quite a bit when you think about it. Add in a thirty minute commute time (at least) and now I’m up to working forty-five hours a week. And if I have to work overtime, the hours continue to increase.

My job at Twitter was manual labor. The data center is very large so I could easily do 10,000+ steps in a single workday. In addition to the long walks I lifted heavy servers. And I would have to push them around for long distances occasionally. Most days after work I was tired. Some days I could push through the tiredness to work on the several business tasks I had but other days all I would do was sit on my couch and watch YouTube.

Am I Crazy? My Drastic Decision Proves That

Yes, my drastic decision proves I’m crazy because I’m leaving a safe job with steady income and great benefits to work for myself. You have to be a risk-taker and abnormal to do this. Finally, I’m starting a new business during this weird time in the global economy.

Yet, I had to make this move. I can’t make more time. And for darn sure I can’t buy it. Finally, my attitude toward office work isn’t compatible anymore. As I’ve gotten older I just want to work without having to deal the B.S. that Human Resources makes employees go through. And if I have to listen to one more meeting dealing with diversity measures I’m going to lose it.

How Did People Handle My Drastic Decision?

Some of my coworkers are still in shock. However, I never kept my current and future business ventures a secret. Everyone congratulated me for taking the plunge and wished me well. I know some of them aren’t happy to take on my workload until another replacement comes aboard.

As for my family, they have some concerns about me leaving my job but they are excited to see me move forward starting my ow business. Frankly, this isn’t the first time they been through this with me.

Here’s How To Learn More About My Business

I’m documenting building my new business, which is an ecommerce website, here. That’s another blog I run that deals with website creation which is another task I do for myself. I also help out others with their website issues from time to time.

I will also talk about my business and other self-employment topics on my YouTube channel. Those videos aren’t up yet but I will probably record them either later this week or early next week.

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