My 2021 Goals: What Do I Want To Accomplish?

my 2021 goals

Today I want to discuss my 2021 goals and what I want to accomplish throughout the year. I also will go over the 2020 goals I did and did not complete.

My 2021 Goals: Here’s What I Have So Far

  • Get my ecommerce business, Let’s All Meat, up and running by mid-January
  • Publish the Self-Help book I’m currently writing
  • Finish the first draft of the Science Fiction book I’m currently writing
  • Make steady content for my YouTube channel (at least 2 to 3 videos a week)

My Ecommerce Business

My first goal of getting my ecommerce store up and running will take up a good amount of my time in January. I have the LLC approved by Georgia to start on January. Then I have to get my business license, GA Sales Tax Number, and do other business formation tasks.

Writing Books

During this time I will continue to write books. I have two I’m currently working on: A Self-Help book and a Science Fiction book. I’m almost done with the Self-Help book and will publish that one in the next 3 to 4 months. However, the Science Fiction book will take much longer since I’m working on building the world. I hope to finish the first draft sometime in 2021.

My YouTube Channel

Finally, I’m going to focus on making steady content for my YouTube channel. I grew it in late 2020 from ~60 subscribers to 92 subscribers in about 3 months when I restarted making content. Hence, if I keep making the content my audience likes then it will continue to grow. My channel focuses on video games, personal finance, and entrepreneurship.

The 2020 Goals I Completed

I reviewed my 2020 goals earlier this year and oh boy did I change a few of them.

For one, I decided not to buy a house in 2020 when I wrote the article in May. Yet, two months later I started my house search and bought a house in August 2020. This shows that you can make a goal and change it.

The other goal I tried but didn’t complete was passing the first exam of the LPIC-2 certification. I took the test but didn’t pass it. My 2021 goals do not include trying for this exam again since my career aspirations changed.

Finally, I published all of the short stories I had in progress, and I published a novella on Amazon: The First War.

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Naomi Lane
27 days ago

I admire the fact that you are so goal oriented ad driven to succeed. You inspire me to set some personal goals as well. Happy New Year Brittany.
PS. Let’s All Meet (unless you’re selling meat) is a spelling error. Good luck with your new e-commerce site.