Movie Plots Suck Now

movie plots suck now

Movie plots suck now.

I came to this conclusion when YouTube recommended me a movie trailer for an upcoming movie. I don’t watch movie trailers anymore since I don’t go tot he movies. So I’m not sure why the YouTube algorithm thought I would like to watch it. Yet, I did. Oh boy, was that a waste of time. Now I don’t mind a poorly-made movie, as I’ve seen plenty in my life, but I can’t handle a badly-written one.

Here’s Why Movie Plots Suck Now

The movie trailer which prompted this post is here or you can watch below:

If you can’t watch the trailer the plot of the movie is this: Thirty years in the future aliens come to Earth and kill almost everyone. So some of the humans travel back in time 30 years to draft those individuals to fight in a future war. Thus, those people travel 30 years into the future to fight the aliens.

Yep, that’s the plot. And I see so many issues already.

One: If the humans in the future have the ability to travel in time then why don’t they have the technology to defeat the aliens?

Two: Why go back 30 years? Why not 10 years? What is so special about that time frame?

Three: Why not go back in time to prepare for the aliens coming, or stop them from coming?

Four: Wouldn’t taking the people from the past negatively affect their future selves?

And I’m not the only one who asked these questions. There are hundreds of people in the comments asking this also. So I’m not the only one who sees the poor writing immediately.

Now I’m not saying this movie is terrible. I think it fits the action genre just nicely, and it’s probably a good movie to watch and not have to think. I like watching those kinds of movies every once in awhile.

What I’m more disappointed in nowadays is just the poor writing I find in various movies. Plot holes that could’ve been easily fixed. No character development. Or the writing doesn’t create a relationship between the viewer and the actor so I’m not invested in what happens to him or her. And this is why I don’t watch movies anymore and stick to watching independence content on YouTube.

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Naomi Lane
16 days ago

I agree, but for a different reason. I hate it when they show you the ending of the story during the first two minutes and then they go back to the beginning. This keeps happening over and over in current series and films. It is so annoying to me to know what is going to happen at the end. It ruins the whole viewing experience.