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Motherland Essentials | Black-Owned Skincare Company

motherland essentials

For the entire month of February I’m covering black-owned businesses to celebrate Black History Month. Today I feature Motherland Essentials whose mission is “to always provide plant based, clean products with responsibly source ingredients.”

What Is Motherland Essentials?

Motherland Essentials is a skincare company based in Summerville, SC which creates and sells soaps, lotions, and other skincare products developed with plant-based ingredients. In addition, the company seeks to provide an affordable option to their customers seeking organic skincare products.

The company’s founder, Andrea, began her journey of natural skincare by creating soap for her family. She discovered as many people do when they seek to use natural or organic soaps or lotions they are quite expensive. As Andrea states on her shop: “Everyone should have the ability to exercise the right to place quality over price.”

Motherland Essentials sells the following:

  • Soap (liquid and bar)
  • Bath bombs
  • Body creams
  • Lotion bars
  • Masks
  • Oils
  • Toners

In addition to selling their products online, the company sells their skincare line in several store across the United States. These retail locations aren’t part of Motherlands Essentials, however. They only sell the product. However, if you’re near the company’s headquarters you can schedule a 15 minute private in-person shopping appointment (Saturdays only). During this time you can pick up an order or buy their products. Finally, you can get suggestions and assistance from the staff.

Lastly, if you are interested in learning how to make your own soap Motherland Essentials sells private lessons. At this time the lessons are sold out but you can join their waiting list.

How To Contact Motherland Essentials

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Naomi Lane
1 month ago

This looks like a great company. I’m sure they appreciate you promoting their wares on your site. Now maybe you can explain to this white girl, since this is a skin care company, what is “ashy” skin? Please excuse my ignorance.