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Money Problems In Marriage: I See Why This Causes Divorce

money problems in marriage

It’s well known that money is the number number reason for divorce in America. Yet, it doesn’t become real until you see money problems in marriage leading to a possible divorce. And the sad thing is that you can’t do anything about it.

My View Of Money Problems In Marriage

This couple, who I’m going to call Jack and Jill to guard their privacy, I’ve known for quite some time. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the best relationship before marriage as Jack wanted to leave Jill at one time.

Jack and Jill both loved spending money. They spent their weekends going out to restaurants, buying goods and services, and just living the American dream. After they married they bought a big home and filled it with furniture and more stuff just as many Americans do. Neither was really concerned about their spending habits until they had their child. That’s when Jack realized things had to change.

I watched how Jack tried to reel in his wife’s spending but Jill didn’t want to stop. She loved shopping and thought Jack could earn more money to resolve their debts. He has the higher salary even though both of them work. Even though I watched all of this unfold I didn’t give any advice. I couldn’t, really. I didn’t feel I had the right to step into someone’s else relationship and tell them how to fix their issues. Yet, I continued to listen from others about their money problems.

Will These Money Problems In Marriage Lead To Their Divorce?

I don’t know if these money problems in marriage will lead to a divorce between Jack and Jill. They could go to counseling. I suggested that through a mutual friend. I don’t think their money problems is that bad where divorce is the only option. Will they go is another question. I don’t really know if Jack and Jill think they need counseling.

Frankly, I think both of them are pretty selfish and they need to face reality. You can’t spend money all the time. Even I, a single person with no kids or pets, don’t buy whatever I want whenever I want. I know that’s a quick way to get into debt, like how Jack and Jill are in, and develop some bad habits.

Again, I won’t say this to them because it’s not my place to do so. I’ll leave that to their family.

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Naomi P Lane
9 days ago

I have known a few couples where one person had a credit card spending habit that created major problems in the marriage. It was not the only factor dividing them, but it became the critical factor in divorcing because they could not repay the debt. After splitting up, the debt still has to be paid, so one of the two assumed all the debt and ended up filing for bankruptcy. This is not a good way to start out in life. As you say, we should delay purchases until we have saved up the money.