Mentally Preparing For Self Employment

mentally preparing for self employment

If you are serious about working for yourself there are several actions you have to take so you have the best chance of succeeding in your business. One of those is mentally preparing for self employment. Today I discuss the steps I’m taking after doing a great amount of research.

Mentally Preparing For Self Employment: Change Your Mindset

I’ve written previously about changing your mindset to a more entrepreneurial one because it’s imperative if you want to succeed as a self-employed individual.

Even before posting this article, I started changing my mindset from being an employee to a business owner. Even though I am still an employee at the moment and probably will be for the next year at least, that doesn’t mean I have to act like an employee.

I don’t look for guidance from my management when it comes to doing tasks. I just go ahead and do it because the work needs to get done. Thus, when I’m fully working for myself I’m ready to do all the tasks required.

Finally, I’ve changed my mindset to look for solutions for problems using various techniques instead of trying “standard” or “tried-and-true” ways. The world changes constantly, and the ways of resolving problems changes too. There are new apps, new tools, and new services one can use to fix problems.

Mentally Preparing For Self Employment: Develop A Schedule

As a business owner I will be busy with various tasks and the best way to keep myself from feeling overwhelm is by developing a schedule.

You can develop a schedule in many ways:

  • Paper
  • Apps
  • Calendar

Whatever way works best for you is the “right” way. I know people who use paper calendars to keep track of their day, while others use apps. I’m currently using a digital calendar to keep track of my tasks.

Now my schedule isn’t set in stone, as there will be times I will have to deviate from it. However, knowing when I have to work on this project or dedicate time to another task keeps stress at bay.

Currently I’m working on developing a schedule that allows me to work my full-time job of 40 weeks as well as my businesses. Am I running into issues with getting my schedule to a point that works? Yes, but I’m still working through it. Eventually I will have one that works.

Finally, Find A Person Or Group For Support

As a business owner, you will need a support group that can help you along the way, provide advice, or listen to your rants / fears / concerns. It’s difficult to talk to those who aren’t self-employed because they don’t understand the problems or obstacles before me.

So I found business owners who I can turn to for support. Some of those are online via social media, YouTube, or online forums. Following self-employed individuals on Twitter is great because of the entrepreneurship community there. While LinkedIn has one too, it’s easier and quicker to contact people via Twitter.

I also meet with other business owners face-to-face because I need that interaction too. It’s nice to sit down and have a conversation with those people. They listen to you, and you listen to them. And usually both parties learn something new.

You can find these individuals through family or friends, or by attending small business meetings and/or meetups.

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Naomi Lane
8 months ago

You sound so competent and well prepared to start your own business Brittany. I’m wondering if you have thought about setting up your online booking and billing procedures? That might be complicated at first I’m guessing.I love the way you plan ahead.